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Recommended menu ☆ YUME head spa ☆

YUME head spa 10 minutes
+ \ 1,650 for spa only
YUME head spa 30 minutes
+ \ 1,650 for spa only
YUME head spa 60 minutes
+ \ 1,650 for spa only
Firm counseling ♪
In our shop, we will propose a course tailored to each person. Please contact us for any concerns such as scalp or hair problems or body fatigue. There are many things that can be improved at the head spa! Please be assured even at the first visit^ ^
At a glance with a microscope!
kitadoko can also perform a scalp diagnosis using a microscope if you wish! If you check before and after, you will feel the effect of the spa! !
Reset care
Massage with cream cleansing to moisturize the scalp and gel cleansing to cleanse pores.
Spa shampoo
Choice of shampoo from three types. We choose according to visitor's scalp, such as blood circulation promotion, pore care, and color care. .
Beauty serum massage
Essences are also available from three courses. Thoroughly use a rich serum that works on both the scalp and hair and massage it thoroughly. The method of massage changes according to the course, such as acupressure points and lymph drainage. Most customers go to sleep. .
Misrepair treatment
Hair care, cuticle care, and texture adjustment care are tailor-made according to customer's wishes.
Finish with lotion and serum
Finishing is adjusted with lotion or serum as needed. It is important care to keep hair and scalp moistened in head spa!
Relax with a drink service ☆
In addition to the 10 kinds of drink menus, we have prepared fruit tea for a limited time! Please take a rest and soak in the afterglow of the spa ^ ^

Set menu

Cut + organic color + head spa 30 minutes
Cut + color
Cut + organic color
Cut illumina color
Cut + apriecolor
Cut + Perm


Matching cut 5,500
Carefully counseling cut carefully 7,700


Organic perm 13,200
Creep perm 15,400
Digital perm 18,700

Straightening hair

Natural hair straightening (including cuts) 19,800
Stoker (including cut) 26,400